Material and care




All The Sleeveless Garden products are manufactured locally with fine, high quality materials. Our exclusive collections are made with premium vegetable tanned leather. Our goods are Sturdy, Well-structured, and Personal.

The following will describe prerequisite knowledges on Vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather is a genuine leather that shows its unique wear over time, depending on daily usage. It is absolutely natural, in other words, there is no artificial surface finished. In coloring process, there is no pigment which used to conceal natural defects in the leather, which is why some scratches, scars and imperfections may be visible. This is normal and adds unique character and is not to be seen as defect. The surface will transform over time. It will not remain pristine and polished. Abrasions will occur. In consequence of exposure to the sun, our natural colorway such as TAN color will gently darken over time. In addition, exposure to liquid will create spots so we recommend avoiding the rain. The surface coatings that is created by daily use will fade and gradually change over time.

As pictured below, please note the TAN (Grand canal) on the left in its original condition, and on the right, the level of darkening will evolve after one year of usage.


For guidance regarding general maintenance and care, it is best to take your bag to a trusted leather goods repair shop. To care for the bag at home, you can find leather care products in stores or online to clean, waterproof and polish the leather.

For more specific questions on care, please contact your local leather goods repair shop or email us at


Mink oil

For lubricates leather, preventing against cracking, polishing the surface and helping to waterproof leather. Suitable for oiled leather and smooth leather. Recommended for vegetable tanned leather.

Waterproof spray

It can covers each individual fiber with an invisible protective layer which prevents liquid and resilient stains


Keep the dust bag your product came in for storage,  never use a plastic bag and store in a cool, dry place with air flow.